The Center of Human Ecologia ECOSUR supports the strengthening of the national capacities in the field of the identification and evaluate risks of the ambient for the human health, in the identification and characterization of environmental impacts, and their relations socioeconomics taking into account the following principles of action.

Estimation, identification, and caracterization of human risks to the existing human health in pollutions situations of you specify, or in relation with agents or groups of agents environmental pollutants.

Evaluation, and cuantitativ of the exposure of populations to agents present in the environment, as well as of the existing dose - response relationships existing.

Estimation, identification and caracterization of the environmental impact and its consequences for the human health.

Characterization qualitative and quantitative of the risk, indicating the key issues of intervention for mitigation, control and management.


To provide direct cooperation tecnical to the countries and organizations publish and deprive in the identification and evaluation of the impact of the development projects on the environment and their consequences on the health.

To promote activities for development of the human potential, included: the preparation and translation of teaching materials of support didactic; the support in the organization and development courses , workshops, seminars and congresses scientific; the support in the design and development of postgraduate courses- especialization, masters and doctoral

To disseminate information specialized, included: the maintenance of the data base ECOLINE, which contains the specialized bibliographia available in ECOSUR; the development of methodologies for the make bases of data epidemiologics and of technical information capsized to the evaluation of risks; the maintenance on an on-line of consultation systems in line to allow access to toxicological and bibliographic electronic databases available in ECOSUR

To adapt methodologies that will be useful to the countries of the Region for the evaluation of risks, taking into account the available resources in the Region and the principles of action mentioned previously.

To promote, to support, and participate in research projects, mainly in the guided to obtain data essential for the evaluation the environmental impact and healthof risks, and those that will be carried out with interdisciplinary, multicenter, and multi-institutional collaboration. Especially in the economic field and social.

Location and services that provides

ECOSUR is located in the city of Montevideo, URUGUAY, extended and acted within MERCOSUR. As technological regional center, it provides to the countries of the Region the following services:

Technical cooperation
Support for scientific research
Production and dissemination of educational material

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