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Asking for support to the law on the defence of reproductive health in Uruguay

Na próxima terça-feira, dia 13 de abril, o Senado do Uruguai irá examinar o Projeto de Lei de Defesa da Saúde Reprodutiva, que já conta com a aprovação da Câmara de Deputados.

For the next Tuesday, on the 13th. of April, the Senate of Uruguay will consider the draft bill of the Law on the Defence of Reproductive Heatlh, which was already approved by the House of Deputies.

The draft bill (see the approved text in Spanish) basically establishes:

1. The State obligation to promote social and education policies towards to the promotion of the reproductive health and of the sexual rights as well to the reduction of the maternal morbidity and mortality. It obligates the State to offer lay sexual education, family planning policies, capacity building on sexual rights and reproductive rights to the health staff, as well to permit that women can exercise the right to control their own fecundity and adopt decisions related to the reproduction without coercion, discrimination or violence.
2. The right of all women to decide on the interruption of their pregnancy during the first 12 (twelve) weeks of pregnancy.

3. That the interruption of pregnancy practiced in acordance to the law will be considered medical act without comercial value and that all medical asistance services, public or private, will have the obligation to guarantee the interruption under the responsibility of a gynecologist.

The approbation of the draft bill will be an historical triumph of the human rights and of the secularity in Uruguay, as well in the region.

Because of that, we are asking for sending e-mails to with copy to informing on the Subject: Apoyo a la Ley de Defensa de la Salud Reproductiva (Support to the Law on the Defence of Reproductive Health)

The suggested text for the e-mail is very short and you can find it already in Spanish at the attached e-mail. You just need to sign and send it.

Señor/a Senador/a:

El martes 13 de abril los senadores y senadoras uruguayas pueden reafirmar la laicidad del Estado y reconocer que los Derechos sexuales y los Derechos Reproductivos son parte indivisible de los Derechos Humanos, votando el Proyecto de Ley de Defensa de la Salud Reproductiva.

Su voto al favor del Proyecto honrará las mejores tradiciones del Uruguay en materia de DDHH, y contará con todo nuestro apoyo.