BILINGUAL     Farsi - Spanish     VERSION
Parvin Zarazvand has also translated
the Rubaiyat into Spanish

Parvin Zarazvand’s Persian - Spanish direct translation intends to be literal and precise, by means of a Spanish vocabulary, as plain as Khayyam’s Persian. The generous and detailed comments as well as the linguistic and historical references, enable us to admire the scientific poet, through a deep understanding. It leads to the surprising discovery of his Universe and his Man; it anticipates the facts revealed by modern evolution, which oblige man to give up being the protagonist, when he discovers himself being surrounded by immensity. Khayyam was immersed in an anthropocentric culture, which described the Universe as the stage where God sets the human drama. Khayam perceives that man is another component, a dispensable, minute and ephemeral one. In addition, it is most surprising that the unmeasurable disproportion between both conceptions does not ignite in him desperation, or even pessimism. On the contrary, his powerful mind, succeeds to rescue the essence of man: the ability to own his present, enjoy the gifts of nature and the fruits of his humble intelligence and sensibility. Only after nine centuries, we arrived to think with sufficient independence as to appreciate the whole of his proposal.

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