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Rubaiyat  declaimed
in  Persian

Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat in  2 CDs

   Only Iranians  can appreciate in its original language, the double magnificence of Rubaiyat: as a masterpiece of universal thought and as one of the jewels in the crown of poetry.

  Parvin Zarazvand's   interpretation is not intended for a big audience, but for the single listener. Moreover, she does not recite a monotonous litany, only tolerable for its poetic values. Her style, exquisite and unique, is characterized by the persuasive warmth of her diction, with a sometimes lively, intimate or overwhelming mode, in a climate definitively personal. Hers, is a message to the intelligence, which may be also enjoyed as a background music, thanks to the harmonies of rhyme. 

The  audio  CDs,    are fully digital (DDD), and they are engineered to enable the selection of the listening order of the rubais (quatrains). They come in a double jewel box, and include comments by the artist and a complete classification of the rubais, by subject.

The price is US$ 28,   postage included, for US delivery.
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